When I was a nurse I learned very quickly my stethoscope was one of my most valuable tools. What my eyes and hands could only see and feel, my stethoscope could easily validate or disprove. Look, Listen, and feel! That’s what we were taught. Without those steps, my physical assessment was incomplete. I can tell you, learning to interpret those sounds was hard! Trying to distinguish between all the the strange noises of the heart and lungs and understanding their meanings took patience and perseverance. Those “lubs”, “dups”, “squishes”, gallops, and wheezes I studied and inculcated, meant the difference between the life and death of my patient. I learned to discern which of those sounds were benign, warning, or dangerous and It took years to really become a skilled listener and to know when to alert the doctor.

Working in the Open Heart Unit was the best! I loved to read the EKG’s and listen to hearts. I knew that without the beating heart there was no life, and it was my job to keep that heart safe after surgery. It’s no wonder the Bible mentions the heart 725 in the old testament and 105 in the New Testament! When God wants us to understand something He repeats it, and He repeated it a lot. Just like my job was to keep that beating heart safe and by knowing its’ sounds, God’s job is to keep our hearts healthy too. The Bible tells us His Word is alive and powerful, it’s sharper than a surgeons knife, it penetrates as far as the division of the soul and spirit, joints, marrow and exposes our heart’s intentions. Hebrews 4:12. God listens to our heart beats, He keeps us safe and His word is like the stethoscope. It reveals the type of beats and sounds your heart makes. God doesn't have a learning curve when it comes to our hearts. He knows and discerns all we do from eternity past. When sin entered the world through Adam, our hearts became deceitful liars, Jeremiah 17:9 God can see our intentions but, more often that not, we can’t.

It's Time For A Check Up

So, how do we protect ourselves from our own deceit and have a healthy heart? Thankfully, here is just one of the many RX’s that helps our condition. Phil 4:4-7: 1 Rejoice always, 2. Let your gentleness be known by everyone, 3. No anxiousness, 4. Pray for everything with thanksgiving, & present them before God. Short and sweet! The result of filling your RX is in verse 7. You will have God’s peace that surpasses any man made peace or understanding and that peace will guard your fragile human heart. It’s time for a check up! Let God’s stethoscope of His Word expose our intentions and reveal what we truly are. Once we get to that place of honesty, we can submit them to Him our Great Physician for healing. Let’s get that RX filled too and have that peace. The world promises a counterfeit happiness and peace. On the outside it looks healthy but once the stethoscope is placed on the heart, its dangerous and even deadly heart sounds are exposed. My prayer for revelation of our hearts is Ps 19. I committed it to memory and it’s been such a huge blessing! May you be blessed by His presence and peace!

xoxo, Les

P.S. The photo is from my very first Bible. I finally taped the binding. It was given to me by a friend who knew I needed help.

It's time for a check up

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